Gilda's Philosophy

At Gilda's, our philosophy is a simple one. Everything we do revolves around the overriding goal of interpreting a woman's individual style. In a store with a surprisingly large assortment of merchandise, there are limited quantities of each style, to ensure that you're never going to see yourself "coming and going." Coupled with our staff, well trained to offer superior, personalized service, our diverse inventory allows us to encourage and nurture each customer's individual style.


We strive to find the newest and most talented undiscovered upscale designers and collections to keep our look fresh and reliable. Gilda travels to NY, LA and Paris many times each year, and Alexis' base in NYC allows us constant access to the newest lines and hippest designers.

Over the course of any year, we have upwards of 100 designers on our sales floor. About two-thirds of our designers are from the United States, with the other one-third coming from Europe, Japan, Australia, South America and Canada.

Gilda's began with vintage, and our passion for lace and vintage make them staples in our boutique. Gilda regularly searches for rare and exceptional vintage pieces. Many are reworked in-house, further transforming them into one-of-a-kind works of wearable art